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Who We Are

Migrants Leadership Institute (MLI) is an independent think tank offering policy, research, and advocacy related to political and economic matters impacting highly qualified and skilled migrants. Additionally, we create knowledge exchange programmes that help highly qualified and skilled migrants to access leadership and board level positions and effectively participate in decision-making in organisational, political, economic, and public life.

We are a private (not a charity) international organisation which brings together migrant professionals, executives and decision-makers from various industries who appreciate the contributions of migrants from the global south to the global north.

Our Aim

MLI aims to help highly qualified and skilled migrants to leverage their unique position as knowledge exchange and engagement partners in the co-production of future impact by self-inclusion into leadership and decision-making positions. To find ways of navigating challenges and systemic barriers, in order to increase their visibility in ways that maximise the chance of it making a difference to the world.

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Our Services

Career Progression

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We could match you to mentor who can help you on your journey to leadership. Someone who to share what they know with you and serve as a bouncing board when you are struggling.

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Access leadership development and inclusion coaching. Look after your well-being on your journey to the top. Coaching will help you. We run group and one-to-one sessions

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Do you feel like an outsider in your organisation? Do you need to learn the ropes from the people in the positions you want to occupy? May be we can you help you find the right sponsor.

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Our Leadership Team

Dr Amina Chitembo PhD

Founding Director

Leadership Development and Executive Coach and Consultant | Scholar | Author | Speaker

Savi Jayaweera

Senior Advisor

Mental Wellbeing Mentor  and Practitioner | Integrative Psychotherapist  Psychologist

Pamela Mahaka

Advisor and Co-Founder 

Career Self-Management Mentor | Specialist Occupational Therapist


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